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Symptoms of Obesity

Obesity is one such ailment which is detected easily from the appearance of the patient. Though it is clearly detectable there are a few obvious symptoms of obesity which one cannot help but ignore such as:

  • Difficulty in sleeping
  • Excessive sweating or always feeling flushed and hot
  • Frequent pangs of back or joint pains
  • Feeling out of breath on little body exertion- Deposition of fat makes people uneasy to move. If an individual has excess fat on their neck and chest region, it makes breathing very difficult.
  • Feeling sleepy during daytime or feeling fatigued easily; carrying extra weight can be very tiring and thus results in sleepiness no matter what time of the day it is.
  • Sore joints and muscles- Ankles and knees come under a lot of pressure when you gain weight and with time it starts giving away and this is when you experience sore joints and pain in the muscles because they have to work harder to pull your weight.
  • Large body frame
  • Laziness or feeling difficulty in doing daily chores
  • Disproportional facial features
  • Huge belly which sometimes even have patches
  • Early arrival of puberty in females
  • Flabs of fat especially in the upper arms region and thigh area
  • Sagging fat cells- Distinctly noticeable in the breast region
  • Obesity makes itself distinctly visible when body parts appear disproportionate and it shows clearly. For example. Sometimes in males their genitalia appear disproportionately smaller compared to their body.
  • Skin problems is another very common symptom of obesity- Bulky people as mentioned above, sweat a lot and when the skin has many flaps filled with fat it is inevitable that sweat gets accumulated under the skin. The sweat does not get the chance to evaporate from under the skin and thus increase the chances of acquiring a skin infection. Areas highly affected with such skin infection are; skin under the breast and the inner-thigh region.
  • Varicose veins- It is when veins, those especially on your legs become swollen and often look lumpy and blue.
  • Irregular periods in women- Excess fat in the body results in hormonal changes which may lead to irregular periods in women.

If you are feeling any of the above symptoms of obesity you need to see a doctor at the earliest so that you can get treatment for it and lead a healthy life. Sanjivani Ayurved Ashram can help you get the best treatment for it.

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