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Symptoms of male disorder

It is estimated that more than 152 million men all over the world face sexual disorders. If you fear yourself to be one amongst them but are not able to quite confirm it then you must look out for the following crucial symptoms of male disorder:

  • Difficulty getting an erection also known as erectile dysfunction or sexual arousal disorder. If you are engaged in love and play but not able to get aroused or not able to hold your arousal till the completion of your sexual act. Some of you might even face difficulty in getting an erection during a masturbation act.
  • Pain- Intense pain in the abdominal region during intercourse is a very important symptom to be taken note of if you are facing it. Such pain ultimately leads to lack of sexual desire thus heavily affecting a healthy sexual life.
  • Unable to get orgasms. Individuals are unable to reach climax during a sexual act and leads to frustration from being unable to perform.
  • Early ejaculations- Individuals ejaculate even before their partner reaches climax. This leaves the partner unsatisfied.
  • Pain in the lower back
  • Change in urination

The most important thing is that once you have identified the symptoms of male disorder, to see your doctor at the earliest. It is commonly seen that men facing such disorders feel hesitant to come clean about their problems with doctors. It is mainly because they feel have failed ‘to be a man’ but they neglect the fact that their disorder is treatable and if not diagnosed and treated at the right time it might worsen to ‘the point of no return’. So, if you have identified your specificsymptoms of male disorder but have been in a state of confusion and dilemma about the whole development, here’s when you should know that it is about time to see your doctor otherwise it will be too late to treat:

  • When the above mentioned symptoms of male disorder are an issue with your partner and she is not satisfied physically.
  • If you have a heart condition or are a diabetic which might be the reason you are not able to perform
  • If you have incorporated a few lifestyle changes including your food habits but it does not help

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