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If you have experienced a variety of symptoms related to sexual disorders as mentioned by us in this website, we advise you to contact us immediately and seek professional guidance to identify and initiate medicines to cure them.

The earlier a disease is diagnosed it is much easier to get rid off and there are chances of getting cured fully. Some diseases will get cured faster but some take time so if diagnosed timely at least we can help you control them and guide you through all stages of cure. If you ignore such health conditions even after detecting them much earlier, out of shyness or keep postponing the treatment, then it might aggravate the condition and over a period of time will engulf you emotionally and drain your confidence in no time.

Once you contact us online using our contact form, ensure to fill in all fields so that our professional Naturopaths can reach you on time and help you understand your health conditions and suggest preventive measures so the matter can be under control till you start taking the medications. Our Expert team of physicians will diagnose and recommend the right combinations of our medicines. These medicines are made in our pharmacy and are manufactured under most advanced conditions. We use the best quality herbs checked by our personal Lab experts.

Don’t feel shy to share any problems you might have diagnosed through personal observations.We have over 50 years of experience in treating some very difficult diseases. We have a variety of combinations for treating Male and female sexual disorders like, Erectile dysfunction, nocturnal emission, oligospermia, premature Ejaculation, spermatorrhoea and Dysmenorrhea and Leucorrhoea respectively besides these we have medicines to treat Psoriasis and Leucoderma too.

You can feel free to contact us anytime by filling in the form. To make the ordering much faster we have online payment options too which will help us dispatch your order in lesser time. We at sanjivani Ayurvedashram, offer free consultation on all our specialized areas, and many more diseases. All our client’s information and health history is kept confidential, so you can be sure that we will never share or use your personal information for any personal benefits other than suggesting you the best cure for your health conditions.

Ayurveda is one of the most ancient ways of treating few very difficult deep rooted diseases too. It has solutions for all, so don’t underestimate its powers. Allopathic treatments may be quick but might have few long term side effects, and the disease might come back once the medicines are stopped. In Ayurveda the treatment requires patience and little time but it cures the disease permanently. This is a natural and a holistic way for curing yourself so there are no side effects.

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