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Female Sexual Disorder

Female sexual disorder is a common condition. For this condition to occur there is no age bar. Amongst various problems which women of today face due to their fast paced live where they run between earning their livelihood and managing their home, there are a few disorders which need adequately special attention.

One such challenge is to deal with female sexual disorders. If not treated on time such disorders can lead to acute depression and sometimes, fatal health conditions. While some women experience sexual dysfunctions at as early age as 40s till which they have reported to enjoy sex to the fullest while some experience it at quite a later age. Cure of female disorder lies in the secret of getting it treated at the earliest.

Some of the most common female sexual disorder:

Loss of Libido or Sexual Desire: Lack of sexual desire. While some experience it only at certain times like during pregnancy or when in great stress while some women experience it all the time irrespective of any stressful situation. Diminished sexual desire is accompanied with various psychological disorders and episodes of stress.

Inability to get aroused or Orgasm problems: It can be of two distinctive types, one in which a woman has had orgasms in previous sexual acts but not able to reach get it now and another case in which the individual has never experienced orgasm ever.

Pain in the Abdominal Region: Pain can be a repellent in getting involved in an act of sex. Women commonly suffer from this disorder, known in medical terms as Dyspareunia. It is a condition which affects women mainly after they have reached menopause in which the estrogen levels fall and vagina gets dry thus causing pain in the area.

Vaginismus: It is characterised by spasms at the time of entry. The vaginal muscles contract involuntarily thus making the entry almost impossible accompanied by excruciating pain. This is one of the leading causes of un-consummated marriages.

Leucorrhoea: Excessive white sticky discharge from the vaginal area of women which can be foul-smelling too can cause lack of confidence in women during a sexual act. Though a general issue in all women, for some it becomes excessive embarrassing even to attend social gatherings.

Disproportionate Size of Breast: While some women have fuller breasts, some women have smaller breasts. Breasts are the part of the body of which women are the most proud of. They consider it to be their beauty quotient. So, having smaller breasts make them feel unattractive and at not at par with their sexual partners thus psychologically affecting their sexual life as well.

Factors contributing to female sexual disorders are:

  • Physical Factors- Bowel or urinary infections, arthritis, fatigue, headaches, neurological disorders, vaginal dryness or vaginitis, diabetes etc.
  • Liver or Kidney failure
  • High-blood pressure
  • Hormonal Imbalance- Lower level of estrogen which causes changes in genital tissues can lead to lack of sexual responsiveness.
  • Hormonal changes after child- birth

One of the most affected areas due to female sexual disorders is relationships and marriages. While sexual disorders can affect both the males and females, it is expected of women to be more upfront and frank in discussing their area of discomfort. If you are facing any issues regarding your sexual health and feel that you know the causes of female disorders it is best that you act upon it at the earliest.

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