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What is Ayurveda and why should I go for Ayurvedic medicines instead of modern medecines?

It is about a five thousand ancient proven and tested healthcare system in India. It is a science of life and longevity. Ayurvedic medicines treat the body suffering from ailment rather than the symptoms. Modern medicines treat the symptoms which may not be solution to the problem, Ayurvedic medicines treat the disease from its roots and when cured, it gets cured for lifetime.

What is the basic concept of Ayurvedic treatment?

Ayurveda considers the whole universe as its laboratory and its ingredients; the building blocks. According to Ayurveda, the universe consists of five elements:

  • Space(Akash)
  • Air(Vayu)
  • Fire(Tejas)
  • Water(Aap)
  • Earth(Prithvi)

As long as there is a balanced interaction between these elements, an individual remains in optimum health. Ayurveda is all about maintaining this harmonious balance between man and universe.

What is the source of Ayurvedic medicines? Are there any side-effects?

All of the medicines are derived from herbs, plants, animals and minerals. They are totally natural and rarely have side effects.

Who and what type of ailments can be treated by Ayurvedic medicines?

Ayurveda has treatments for all kinds of diseases and long-term ailments. Ayurvedic medicines best suit the elderly, children and women.

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