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Cure of Obesity

The ultimate goal of learning more about cure of obesity is to stay healthy and enjoy normal day to day life. Obesity rates have skyrocketed in the past decades and so has the number of deaths due to it. With the increasing number of obesity day by day all over the world people are desperately looking for solutions and the perfect treatment method which can guarantee the cure of obesity. Well, let us be frank in stating here that obesity does not have a permanent cure, the methods and treatment plans can only regulate your weight while you will have to do the hard work by maintaining a fat-free diet and indulging in an exercise routine every day.

It is a fact that obese people are two to three time more likely to die than people of normal body weight. Cure of obesity can be divided into five broad categories:

    • Healthy tweaks in your diet plan- Put a full stop to fatty foods. Take a low calorie dist keeping in mind your specific bodily requirements. Your diet should be balanced. Never go for crash diets because effects of such diets are not permanent but they make the body weak forever.


    • Indulging in regular fitness activities- Research suggests that in order to lose weight it is important to indulge in at least 150 minutes a week to prevent from gaining weight and up to 300 minutes of physical exercise if one wants to lose significant amount of weight which again one needs to gradually increase as par the increasing stamina and fitness.


    • Modulating behaviour- Also known as counselling therapy is a very effective cure of obesity. Attending counselling sessions where you can address your emotional as well as behavioural related to eating, joining support groups where you can find camaraderie and understanding from people facing the same challenges as you also helps a lot.


    • Medications- The most important thing to be noted is that prescribed medicines can never work unless combined with physical exercise and behavioural therapy. Medicines like Orlisat, Lorcaserin, Qsymia are the most recommended drugs for weight loss.


  • Cosmetic surgery for weight loss- Weight loss surgery can be considered the last option because it involves a lot of risk factors and depends entirely upon your commitment of eating the right food and maintaining an exercise regime. Gastric bypass surgery, gastric sleeve, Biliopancreatic diversion and liposuction are the most commonly performed cosmetic weight loss surgeries.

Obesity can be fatal so get on with your treatment at the earliest. Sanjivani Ayurved Ashram can provide you the most natural treatment methods from obesity.

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