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Cure of Leucoderma/Vitiligo

Cure of Leucoderma/Vitiligo

If you are a leucoderma patient reading this you must make an important note of one thing, “As early as you start the ayurvedic treatment for leucoderma, the greater are your chances of getting cured.” The moment you notice an unexpected development of white patch on your skin you should take the earliest appointment with a doctor. Leucoderma is best treated when trapped at an initial stage. The longer you neglect the patch, the more it will increase in size and spread across your body.

Be it allopathic, homeopathic or Ayurvedic treatment, management of diet is a major part of the treatment. The cure of leucoderma depends a lot upon what you take and what you restrict. Any item which restricts growth of pigmentation should be avoided. In layman’s language any item which includes vitamin C which controls growth of pigmentation and makes us fairer should be totally restricted. Along with that, one should not take oily and spicy food and non-vegetarian items to be absolutely stopped.

There are many medical treatments available for leucoderma today like steroid therapy, photo-chemotherapy with the use of ultraviolet rays, de-pigmentation etc. People also go for various surgical methods like melanocytes transplants, general skin grafting, skin grafting using blisters and micro-pigmentation also known as tattooing. All these methods are experimental and they do not promise hundred perfect cure for the ailment because in reality no full-proof cure of leucoderma has been found. If you are a leucoderma patient, the best you can do is to follow the few above mentioned dietary restrictions and also avoid going in the sun without applying sunscreen. Always apply sunscreen on the affected areas because exposure to the ultraviolet rays can cause further damage to the pigment cells.

Unfortunately, no treatment can offer you guaranteed results but we at Sanjiani Ayurvedashram make a sincere effort to reduce the effects of leucoderma through our absolute herbal and natural Ayurvrdic treatment methods. If you go for steroids, yes, it might show some positive results but you will suffer from a lot of side-effects which is not worth. Again, the light therapy is effective to some extent but long-term use can cause serious damages to the eyes, burn your skin and also lead to skin cancer. Skin grafting too involves various complications like infection, abnormal appearance of the grafted skin known as the Cobblestone effect. Therefore, it is better to indulge in a natural method of treatment which if not cure leucoderma absolutely but will at least reduce its effects and not to mention with any side-effects at all!

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