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Cure of Female Disorder

Sexual disorders affect both male and females and they occur in all adults irrespective of their age. While some women experience sexual dysfunctions at as early age as 40s till which they have reported to enjoy sex to the fullest while some experience it at quite a later age. Cure of female disorder lies in the secret of getting it treated at the earliest. Some of the most commonly encountered female sexual disorders are:

Loss of Libido or Sexual Desire:

While some experience it only at certain times like during pregnancy or when in great stress while some women experience it all the time irrespective of any stressful situation. It can be caused by both physical as well as psychological reasons. It can be anything; from dis-balance in hormones, tiredness, problems in the relationship, depression to excessive use of alcohol or drugs. Sometimes indulging in regular sexual routines leading to boredom can also be the cause of lack of desire to perform sex. Lifestyle routines like constantly being involved in taking care of children, working-hard to make ends meet can also be held as probable causes because it keeps the mind so much pre-occupied with these things that one doesn’t not have the time and energy left to fantasize about sex thus eventually giving up on it too.

Inability to get aroused or Orgasm problems:

It can be of two distinctive types, one in which a woman has had orgasms in previous sexual acts but not able to reach get it now and another case in which the individual has never experienced orgasm ever. Reasons like lack of knowledge about sex, unable to feel relaxed and let oneself flow in the rhythm of the sexual act, lack of stimulation or if any then not being sufficient enough to get aroused, mood swings, depression, inability to be frank about one’s feelings to the partner, previous traumatic sexual experience etc. Cure of female disorders of this kind can be treated by psychosexual therapy wherein women are counselled and encouraged to explore their heartiest feelings about the act of sex, themselves as individuals and their relationship with their partners.

Pain in the Abdominal Region:

Pain can be a repellent in getting involved in an act of sex. Women commonly suffer from this disorder, known in medical terms as Dyspareunia. It is a condition which affects women mainly after they have reached menopause in which the estrogen levels fall and vagina gets dry thus causing pain in the area. It can also happen due to Vaginismus; spasm or tightening of muscles in the vaginal area.

The first and most important step to cure of female disorders is to consult a doctor at the earliest. If you neglect it, you stand the chance of never being to enjoy sex ever!

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