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Causes of obesity

A simple definition of obesity would be; when you take in more calories than your body is capable of burning you gain extra weight and fat than what your body requires, this is known as obesity. This condition is preventable but for that you should have an in-depth understanding of the intricate dynamics of it and work-hard to maintain the proper balance. It basically depends on how well you maintain your energy balance. Energy balance can be further explained as the amount of calories you intake from your regular food habits and drinks known as your body’s ‘Energy IN’ compared to what your body uses up while performing physical activities like breathing, digestion of your food, exercise etc. To maintain proper weight it is important to maintain a healthy and balanced diet which if disturbed consequences in causes of obesity.

Other various causes of obesity are:

    • A lifestyle Without Activities: Not being physically active is a sin and it is inevitable to cause obesity. It is so because the body does not get the chance to burn those calories it acquires which you take because there is no physical activity. Today the modern life has lead to dearth of physical activities; most of the time people travel by car in a constant sitting position, sit in front of the T.V or computer for long hours, sit in the workplace for hours without any physical strain etc. this inactive lifestyle is one of the major causes of obesity.


    • Weight gain during pregnancy: It is a healthy necessity and a natural process that a woman’s weight increases during pregnancy. It is crucial to provide the growing baby in the womb with proper nutrition which a woman suffices by inevitable weight gain. While some woman shed off this weight quite easily after child birth while for some woman this tendency of obesity remains throughout life


    • Lac of Rest/Sleep: Seven hours of sound sleep is essential for the body to perform in proper balance. If you are not getting enough sleep it becomes quite obvious that your digestion system will keep working for longer hours thus digesting the food and increasing your appetite. This increase in appetite will lead to your increased cravings for high calorie foods which ultimately become one of the most common causes of obesity


    • Genetically inheritant- Obesity is transferred through genes too and runs in families.


  • Medicines- Certain medicines increases weight

Obesity is a leading cause in detoriating health. It needs to be checked and reduced un time to maintain good health. To get help in reducing obesity the natural way you can contact us.

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