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Causes of Leucoderma

Causes of Leucoderma

Leucoderma is a Latin word meaning ‘white skin’ and true to its meaning, Leucoderma is a condition wherein white patches appear on the body due to absence of melanin pigmentation. It is a condition which has time and again affected races all over the world and the highest number of cases being recorded in India and Mexico. People with different dietary habits of different religion, races, socioeconomic groups show incidence towards the disease.

The exact causes of Lecuderma are unknown but three major possible causes have been identified:

  • Heredity- About twenty percent of the cases have a family history of lecoderma
  • Autoimmunity- Antibodies in the blood cells fail to identify melanin and develops immunity towards it thus ending up in destroying melanin pigment in the body.
  • Neurogenic- Chemicals released at the nerve endings destroy the pigments.

Other possible causes of Lecoderma can also be:

  • An accidental cut, a burn, an ulcer- Due to which the melanin producing cells gets damaged and colour of the skin gradually disappears resulting in white patches.
  • Lack of hygiene
  • Improper food habits and combination of foods
  • Intake of junk food on a regular basis
  • Regular intake of insecticide or pesticide injected fruits and vegetables
  • Vigorous usage of antibiotics
  • Pressure from tight clothes
  • Chronic gastric problems
  • Worms in the digestive system
  • Occupational hazards
  • Sunburn
  • Medical history of Jaundice/Typhoid
  • Psychological causes like sudden trauma or high level of mental stress

Though lecuderma mostly affects the skin but there are several cases where the condition is found to develop even inside mouth, eyes and on hair.

Leucoderma is neither contagious nor life-threatening but it can sure be life-altering because this disease which robs colour of the skin end up developing low self-esteem in its patients. Individuals suffering from leucoderma no more want to go out, socialize, hang out with their friends and retrieve into serious depression.

While some people have small patches of leucoderma which heals with the help of proper treatment while some have the disease for life and have to deal with their skin patches every day of their lives. The best way to fight the disease is to develop coping strategies. The best way to deal is by learning more and more about the disease as well as to connect with people who are already suffering from it.

We at can help you in your fight with Leucoderma with the age old system of Ayurveda!

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